The ease of PPC, PPM, OTT and PMPs have spoiled us when it comes to traditional media. Many outlets like newspapers and TV stations still do not have online portals for placing ads. Billboard providers like Lamar have dabbled in it, but not dove right in.

Enter Blip Billboards – the billboard marketplace solution

Blip Billboards is a company that’s been slowly evolving over the past few years. Recently, they eliminated any sort of minimum billing requirement for placements. This means, with a budget of just $5 – you can get your ad up on a billboard nearby.

When we finished signup on the Blip platform, we were greeted with a Google Maps based inventory selection screen. As you can see from the map below, the locations are rather limited for us here in Iowa (there are none!), however other metro markets offer a few options:

This is still okay, though, especially for a global consulting firm like us! Let’s explore some of the more fun, creative features we can play with.

  1. Blip lets us pick sides of a billboard. This is useful if you only want to hit people going one way (‘leaving so soon? take the next left for….!’), or targeting a specific workplace with visibility of the billboard. We chose both sides, east and west.
  2. Blip lets you put a limit on bid cap by time of day. This is great as we put our bid limits to 0 in the wee hours of the night – we don’t want to target truck drivers on long haul routes. However, you’ll notice that the bid structure heats up considerably from 7:30AM – 9AM and 4:30PM to 6PM.
  3. Blip lets you run playlists. We didn’t choose this option, but you can upload a series of photos and add them to a single campaign, allowing for more dynamic content!

We tested this out by placing a Bodhi Industries billboard just off of I-694 north of Minneapolis, and it worked fantastically! See below for early analytics:

We’re very early on in the stages of testing out Blip, but we are very excited to offer another platform for placement for our customers. For low, low prices; we can combine Blip campaigns with our digital campaigns to provide a holistic and well rounded sales funnel that literally follows your target audience to work, and back again. If you are interested in learning more and placing an ad yourself, click below!

If you don’t want to place an ad yourself, or are interested in our packages that include Blip, inquire below!