If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, musician, or similar – we’ve all thought it. You’ve seen the Fiverr Logo marketing. You’ve gotten local designer quotes. Why go through the trouble of paying a designer when I can go on Fiverr and get a logo for $5? That’s a good question, and I’m going to explain my experiences below.

Fiverr Logos as a Customer:

If you are one of the aftermentioned categories, you are a Fiverr customer. You’ll likely go to the graphic design section and run through the nifty Fiverr logo style wizard, finally being greeted by this:

92,360 results for the search team ‘logo’. Yikes. Regardless, we push on. After a couple pages of scrolling, if you are like me, you settle on the most intriguing entry. From here, you discover that the logo certainly isn’t $5, it starts at $30. But the kicker – for $30, you essentially get a small preview file. No source files, no self-edits, nada. See below:

Ah, that’s quite the bait and switch from Fiverr’s marketing! The real ‘basic’ package is actually the Standard package, clocking in at $80 over 3 days. Still, though, that feels cheaper than a real designer, right? Well, that depends on the result. I’ve used 3 different designers on Fiverr with wildly varied results:

Fiverr Logo Try #1:

Uh, yikes. The directions given had asked for a moon silhouette with words over top of it, maybe with some sort of triangle worked into the font. As you can see….swing and a miss! The designer did apologize and submitted 2 more revisions, one of which we accepted. However, the designer never delivered the source files even though we paid for a $60 tier on this one. This was a designer from Sri Lanka.

Rating: 2/10 – They tried.
Cost: $60

Fiverr Logo Try #2:

This time we had asked for a DarkGrey logo that would be suitable to slap on an album cover. We asked for the color grey.

The artist, instead, chose to deliver an album cover. Except the cover is just one Adobe Illustrator Raster shape rotated and colored incorrectly. I politely asked for revisions / tried to clarify the request. In return, the designer closed the order and marked it complete. Needless to say, no source files were ever delivered. This was an Indian designer.

Rating: 0/10 – I can’t even use this for social media.
Cost: $33

Fiverr Logo Try #3 – The Last Stand:

Sweet baby Draplin, do we have a winner? The instructions we sent on this one asked for a ‘sports league style logo’, we provided two hex colors for blue and green, and two samples of what a disc golf basket looks like.

The designer delivered fantastically, with a couple of minor issues on the first submission. I had no revisions included in my order, but the designer revised the design and delivered it anyways. Source files were included as .ai files, to boot.

Rating: 7/10 – We can use this for branding, especially after some tweaks.
Cost: $16

What Did We Learn

We placed three orders over one month for three different designs. Out of these three designs, only one was usable in any way. I’d like to take this chance to utilize one of Bodhi Industries unique thinking strategies – total cost of delivery.

TCoD =Money Paid to 3rd Parties + (Hourly Rate of Coordinating Person * Hours of Research and correspondence) + (Hourly Rate of Local Designer Making Tweaks * Hours required)

Bodhi Industries Total Cost of Delivery

So, in this case, let’s do the math. Our current average logo design rate at BI is $55/hr. I was both the designer and correspondent, so let’s fill in the variables:

$109 + ($55/hr * 2 hours = 110) + ($55/hr * 1.5 = 82.5) = $301.50 TCoD

I don’t think I need to spell this out too much for you – but presents the following: even if we submitted the same design request to 3 various top rated designers, we estimate it taking at least $301.50 dollars to get something workable and ready for posting and printing.

As I mentioned earlier, Bodhi Industries can design your logo for $55/hour. That hourly rate makes a lot of clients walk immediately – but we have to ask, have you considered the Total Cost of Delivery? What Fiverr provides is a fantastic idea generation tool, getting a unique persons outlook on your requirements quickly and cheaply. There is a use-case out there to use this for storyboarding and ideas.

However – if every dollar matters, and you are a self starter – we cannot recommend Fiverr Logos for your logo design. We can strongly assume that we here at Bodhi Industries can get your logo done for $301 or significantly less, and you’ll be more satisfied with the result, as well. Ready to reach out? Get a hold of us using the form below!