Identify problems before they happen

Are you sick and tired of being anxious about the language being used with your customers? Do you wish you had a quick and easy way to audit the data? Is data cleanliness a problem for you?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Upload your data to Bodhi Buster as a CSV file
  2. Let Buster read your file, under 30 minutes for most
  3. Get back the results!

Case Study 1: Profanity Check

We know that many of our customers have web forums, contact forums, warranty RMA forms, CRM comments, etc. We also know that you would much rather find a problem before it’s a problem, rather than when Legal or Compliance gives you a call.

Bodhi Buster can automate this process out of existence. You used to have to contact a SQL developer to run a complex query to check your data for profanities. Or, you yourself would have to sit there and ctrl+f and scroll for hours through data, hoping you don’t miss anything.

Not anymore – simple export your data from your tool, upload it to Bodhi Buster, and call it a day. Go grab a coffee for you and your boss, because they’ll be very pleased with you when you return.

Case Study 2: Sentiment in Sales

Do you ever wonder how your sales team’s pitches are going? You can ask, sure. You can try to listen to call recordings, but you won’t have time for them all. Or, you can process the CRM comments or call transcriptions using Bodhi Buster – and get a good outlook on how your customers and staff are feeling. And it’s all happening in nearly-real-time!

As a sales manager, all you’d have to do is:

  1. Export your teams comments or transcriptions as CSV
  2. Upload to Bodhi Buster
  3. Get your scores back!

You are literally three steps away from having a wealth of data you’ve never had before. Let’s start this next year with a bang, and let’s change the sales game together.

When it comes to profanity checking, machine learning driven sentiment analysis, data cleanliness, or just automated analysis: Bodhi Industries and our Bodhi Buster are here to save the day.

Contact us today to see how you could be getting valuable insights for pennies on the dollar!