Bodhi means business.

We create audio/visual spectacles to highlight your brand and culture. We want you to sell out of tickets.

Our brands and endeavors:

Feature 01

Cedar Falls Ticketing Services

Streamline ticketing services for seamless event management.

Feature 02


Elevate your brand with customizable merchandise solutions.

Feature 03

Mooncrew Unlimited Records

Discover and support eclectic artists shaping the future of music.

Feature 04

Bodhi Cedar Arts Foundation

Giving back to our community, every chance we can.

Feature 05

Dive deep into bass music culture with curated content and resources.

Feature 06

Explore the cosmos of bass music and culture with our vibrant community.

Massive production quality. Within budget.

Our founder, Charlie Smith, has worked for the largest financial companies on Earth - and has also has helped scale startups from 5 employees to fully funded endeavors.

A performer himself, Charlie has a star-studded portfolio of clients and OEMs that have enjoyed his services over the years, including but not limited to:

  • Adobe + Marketo
  • Bass-Ill
  • Balance Music Festival
  • BezleBub
  • Bhump Records
  • Chief Kaya
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Conzi
  • Culminate
  • Dem Deya
  • DMVU
  • Driftmore Music Festival
  • Dublink
  • Eastwood Red
  • F4M1Y Band
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Heavy North Events
  • Hypho
  • Iration Steppas
  • kLL sMTH
  • Kosmic Kingdom Festival
  • Low & High
  • Medicine Place
  • Mikrodot
  • Mr. Bill
  • Mythm
  • NJN
  • OBF
  • Phutureprimitive
  • RWND140
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • Sacred Hive
  • Skyway Theater
  • Sub:stance Audio
  • Sioux Sound Collective
  • Sub.mission Agency
  • The Gradient Perspective
  • The Winthrop News
  • Widdfam
  • Word. Sound. Power. Festival
Ad hoc services offered:
  • Consulting / lessons / mentoring
  • Back-end programming
    (Python, Golang, JS)
  • Web dev/design
    (HTML5, Wordpress, Squarespace)
  • Event design/production
  • Video/audio production
  • Digital advertising
  • Payment solutions

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